TRADING WITH INSIGHT: Question #6 What Does “Trading With Insight” Mean?

TRADING WITH INSIGHT: Question #6 What Does “Trading With Insight” Mean?

When I first started trading, I struggled… A LOT! All of the strategies that I was learning and trading were very much opinion-based, and not so much data-driven. I was using moving averages, momentum indicators, volume indicators, etc. to form an “opinion”. It was a very stressful way to trade! I was literally placing trades based off of my emotions and what I “thought” the market was going to do, instead of just letting the market tell me what it’s likely to do.

It was so frustrating and overwhelming, that I eventually just stopped and thought to myself – “…how do I take my opinions and emotions out of my trading? How do I let the market TELL ME what it’s likely to do??” And that’s when I developed my own trading process that I like to call “Insight Trading” also known as “Trading with Insight”.

This process of Trading With Insight is taking the INSIGHT that the chart gives me and then TRADING based on that insight. So what is the “Insight”? It’s simple… win rates! If I see that stock XYZ has a high win rate for bullish trades recently, then I’ve just gained some valuable INSIGHT that I should be TRADING bullish setups on this stock. If I see that stock ABC has a high win rate for recent bearish trade setups, then I now have some great INSIGHT telling me that I should be TRADING bearish trades on this stock. Make sense?

So how exactly do I get that insight? Well, I’ve designed this game-changing tool called the Insight Indicator that automatically finds and calculates these win rates for you. So you literally just look to see which setups have had the highest win rates lately, and you can choose to trade them. It’s literally that simple – you don’t even have to look at your stock charts AT ALL!

You can get this indicator, PLUS our Targets Indicator to compliment it, PLUS our full training course on how to use options to trade using these indicators, PLUS our fully loaded chart layouts PLUS a whole lot more! Check it out —

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