TRADING WITH INSIGHT: How Do I Get Started With Trading? (Ep. 07)

TRADING WITH INSIGHT: How Do I Get Started With Trading? (Ep. 07)

It’s so exciting to know that you could possibly earn an additional income trading in the stock market. So naturally you’re going to be curious about how to get started. So let’s break it down in 5 simple steps!

First, you need to make sure you’re willing to dedicate time to trading. If you want to SWING trade like we can teach you how to do, you really only need about 30 minutes per day. Swing trading is great for people who work fulltime jobs or just don’t want to sit at a computer for hours every day waiting for a trade opportunity.

Second, you need to take 5 minutes to open an options trading account. I HIGHLY recommend ThinkOrSwim because it’s the #1 platform for trading stock options! Third, find a trading mentor, course, program, or coach that appeals to you. For example, I offer courses and programs where I teach people how to trade stock options for income, even if they’re working a fulltime job. I ALSO give them my personal trading system to help them find high-winning trade setups 100x faster than they would without them. If that sounds appealing to you, then congrats! You’ve finished the third step.

Step four, become a focused sponge. Absorb as much information as you can from your trading course, coach, etc but focus on the things that truly resonate with you. Some strategies you learn will stand out more than others… some techniques that you’ll see are going to make more sense than the rest. The best strategy for you to trade is the one that you understand the most, because eventually, that strategy just becomes second nature to trade.

And finally step number five: log into your ThinkOrSwim demo account and practice trading these strategies with paper money. Prove to yourself that you’re actually able to be consistent and profitable BEFORE you start trading with your real money. Since every strategy is different, some you may need to practice for several days and others for several weeks.

So that’s it! One, make sure you have about 30 minutes during the day to trade. Two, take 5 minutes to open a ThinkOrSwim account. Three, find a trading course or coach that appeals to you. Four, learn their trading strategies. And five, practice those strategies before trading real capital.

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