TRADING FOR INCOME: Question #3 What Are The Best Stocks To Trade?

TRADING FOR INCOME: Question #3 What Are The Best Stocks To Trade?

So, you decide you wanna start trading in the stock market, and then you realize… you don’t know which stocks you should be trading! Some of the best advice I can give you is to NEVER invest or trade anything just because you heard some “great” news about the company on TV or because your friend Bob tells you to… Very rarely do those trades work out in your favor because you don’t have the right “insight.” 

In my opinion, the best answer to this question is this: the best stocks to trade are the ones that give you a profitable edge. What I mean by that is that you want to place trades on stocks that (A) give you a high probability of winning, and (B) give you enough credit or profits to allow you to be profitable over time.  

I call this process “Insight” Trading, because you would be trading based on calculated, systematic insight that you have (as opposed to trading on emotions and opinions.)  

So for one week, Apple, Google, and Home Depot could have been the “best” stocks to trade because, based on their recent price action, they had high trade win rates. And for another week, maybe Microsoft, Netflix and Comcast were the “best” stocks to trade because they had high trade win rates.  

So, the obvious next question is how do you get these win rates? Well, we actually give you a full list of amazing stocks to focus on trading PLUS the fully-loaded chart layout and trade signals that automatically calculate the win rates on these stocks for you. And of course, we show you how to actually trade these stocks as well. Just check out our “Trading With Insight” Course to learn more –

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