Part 1: Neutral Trade Setup and Entry

Part 1: Neutral Trade Setup and Entry (Iron Butterfly, Iron Condor, Credit Spread)

NOTE: You don’t necessarily need the market to be close to the EMA20, but it is ideal since it can act like a magnet. Really, as long as you have high IVR, regardless of how close the market is to the EMA20, you can trade neutrally (iron condors, iron butterflies, and credit spreads).

00:00 – Intro To The Strategy
01:37 – The Trade Setup
09:14 – Quick Backtesting Tip
11:03 – DIA Example: Analyzing an Uptrending Chart
14:20 – Iron Condor Example (DIA)
25:15 – Put Credit Spread Example (DIA)
11:03 – EFA Example: Analyzing a Ranging Chart
14:20 – Iron Butterfly Example (EFA)
44:08 – Wrap Up