Who do you teach?

We teach both brand new and experienced traders how to analyze stock charts to swing trade stock options. Most of our students and clients have smaller accounts (less than $25,000) and have never traded before, so the strategies we teach are perfect for them!

What kind of trading do you recommend?

We recommend swing trading in the stock market. With this type of trading, you can profit if the market goes up, goes down or just moves sideways! And unlike many investors who invest in the market for years (and sometimes decades!), shorter term swing trading gives you the chance to see quicker profits and have more trading opportunities! With the strategies we recommend, you’ll typically enter and exit trades within 1-3 weeks and target 50-100% profit.

I work fulltime. Can I still trade?

The short answer is yes, however it really depends on your schedule. The strategies we share are meant to take up to 30 minutes of your day. Active trading hours for most stocks and ETFs are 9:30am-4pm EST, so you can only enter and exit trades during those hours. If you’re working during that time, you could do most of your chart analysis before or after work, and then take some time during your lunch break to actually enter your trades. Also, we can show you how you set your trades up to automatically close for profit to make your life easier (…but sometimes you’ll want to close them manually to get profits too!). So, even though you don’t need to be at the computer all day long, you’ll ideally want to still have access to your phone during trading hours. (You could use the ThinkOrSwim mobile app to close out of trades when you’re working or on the go. It literally takes just a few seconds to do!)

What are “Trading With Insight” and “Daneen Trades” all about?

DaneenTrades.com is a part of the Trading With Insight Company. The founder, Danielle “Daneen” James, has traded stock options for years. Now as a Stock Options Analyst, she’s excited to teach and share EVERYTHING she’s learned about trading options with you. In fact, her true passion in this trading industry isn’t simply placing trades… her true passion is analyzing stock charts and sharing her trading knowledge and skills with others! We say this all the time – we are not financial advisors, just options experts eager to share our trading strategies! We offer training on how we conduct stock chart analysis, find profitable trade setups, manage your own portfolios, make profitable trade adjustments, trade stock options strategies, and more!

How much money do I need to start trading?

When you first get started you’ll want to trade in your Demo account to get some trading experience without risking your own capital. But once you’re ready to trade for real profits in your Live account, I highly recommend starting with at least $2,000 (but $5,000 or more is best!).

How much money can I make?

Obviously, we cannot guarantee what your financial situation will be over the next several weeks or months, but we can give you the training you need to get started! How much you earn is relative. It depends on how much money you have to initially invest, how much you practice the strategies that we teach you, and how consistent you are with your trading. The goal is to work about 30 minutes per day M-F and place about 3-10 trades each week (depending on how much you want to trade). We typically share strategies that are targeting 50-100% profits depending on how aggressively you’re trading.

What trading platform do you use?

We use (and highly recommend!) the #1 trading platform for stock options – ThinkOrSwim. You can Click Here to open a new “Individual” account, and to download the desktop trading platform.

What kind of products do you offer?

We offer basic and advance training products, custom trade-finding tools, custom stock chart analysis tools, trading business management tools, trade analysis services, coaching and consulting services, and more!

How long until I start making money?

You could theoretically start seeing profits a few days after finishing training, but your success depends on how much you practice and implement the training you’ve learned.

Do I need a computer (desktop or laptop)? Can I trade on my phone?

While it is possible to trade from your phone, it is MUCH easier to trade on a computer versus a phone… you have a bigger screen to view and more features to properly analyze your trades. Also, you’ll need a computer to use the custom chart layouts, custom indicators, custom signals, etc that we give you in the training course. You’ll likely want to enter most of your new trades and do most of your stock chart analysis on the computer since it’s easier. However, when you’re away from the computer could still use the ThinkOrSwim mobile app to close out of trades for profit or enter new trades.

Do I need to know math?

You don’t NEED to know a lot of math, but there are a few simple math equations that you’ll want to know. We’ll show you how in the online training course.