62% Profit for AAPL Trade

62% Profit for AAPL Trade

We had an almost perfect setup on AAPL, so even though it closed a couple of weeks ago, we still wanted to share it with you! After getting our trade entry signal, we also saw that we had a nice bounce off of a support level as well as the moving average for this bullish setup. We entered this trade on a Tuesday, and held it for a few short days until the following Monday, where our price target was hit. We didn’t even have to worry about our stop loss being tested. Overall, this was a small trade with a quick 62% profit. Depending on your account size you would be looking at:

– 1 Contract Traded (for really small accounts) = $61 Profit

– 5 Contracts Traded = $305 Profit

– 10 Contracts Traded = $610 Profit

– 20 Contracts Traded = $1,220 Profit

As always… if you want to know how we’re placing these trades, what targets we’re using, how to know when toe enter and exit these trades for profits, just check out the training course – https://start.TradingWithInsight.com

See you on the inside!

– Daneen

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