50% Profit for Nike Trade

50% Profit for Nike Trade

Nike has a decent 75% win rate for our Monthly Neutral trade strategy. We opened the trade on September 18th with high hopes! We knew that there was going to be an earnings announcement mid cycle, but Nike was performing “well” during previous earnings, so we weren’t worried. Price did push down immediately following our entry, but our Insight Indicator showed that it wasn’t anything to be concerned with. Fast forward 11 days to the day after the earnings announcement, price jumped back into our range and gave us an even 50% profit. Depending on your account size you would be looking at:

– 1 Contract Traded (for really small accounts) = $104 Profit

– 5 Contracts Traded = $520 Profit

– 10 Contracts Traded = $1,040 Profit

– 20 Contracts Traded = $2,080 Profit

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